Genuine Data Services

Privacy Statement

1 January 2020

What information do we collect about you through your visiting this website?

When you visit this website, the website may automatically log some information, such as the site that referred you to us, your internet protocol address, and similar navigational. The website uses this information to respond to your navigation to our website.

This website does not use cookies or other tracking technology. We do not knowingly collect or retain any personal information through it.

What other information do we collect from you?

If you click a link that opens an email form and send us the email, then you will be sending us your email address and any contents of the email. If you contact us in any other way, we will have whatever you send to us. We will use the information in that communication to respond to you and whatever the content of your communication is.

What information do we collect about you from third parties?

Our sole business is collecting information from governmental records and providing that public-record information to our customers. Mainly, we collect information from courts, prisons, offender registries, and government exclusions lists in the United States. We provide that information to our customers in bulk (i.e. substantially all of the information that we get from a source in a single set of files, not records about a single person one at a time).

Do we collect information from children?

We do not intend to collect personal information from anyone under the age of 18.

How do we change this privacy policy?

We may change our privacy policy at any time, but will not do so without posting the revised policy on this website. We encourage you to review this privacy policy whenever you visit our website to make sure you understand how we use the information we collect.

What rights do you have under the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA")?

Our sole business is obtaining and providing public record information. The CCPA, in California Civil Code § 1789.140(o)(2), excludes public record information from the "personal information" that is subject to the CCPA. Therefore, we do not have any "personal information" about you, unless you proactively contacted us by email.

If you contacted us. then:

  • We collected whatever personal information you provided to us by contacting us.
  • You are the source of that personal information.
  • The purpose of our collecting that personal information was to receive and respond to your contact with us.
  • We don't share your personal information with anyone, unless we need to do so to respond to your contact with us.
  • We don't sell personal information arising from your contacts with us.
  • We don't categorically share, for business purposes, your personal information arising from your contacts with us, except with our sister companies (who do things like host our email servers).

You have the following rights if you are a California resident:

  • You have the right to request us to disclose information that we have collected about you, including the general categories of information, the categories of sources from which we collected the information, the purpose for collecting or selling that information, the categories of third parties with whom we share the information, and the specific pieces of information we have collected.
  • If we sell personal information or disclose it for a business purpose, you also have the right to request the categories of third parties to whom we sold your information or disclosed your information for a business purpose (by category of personal information in each case).
  • You have the right to request to opt-out of our sale of personal data about you.
  • You have the right to be free of retaliation for exercising your rights under the CCPA.

You may make a request or obtain more information by emailing us at

In any case, you must include the following information: your full name; all physical addresses we may have associated with you; all email addresses we may have associated with you; all telephone numbers we may have associated with you; all employers we may have associated with you. If you are requesting that we disclose, correct, or delete specific personal data information to you (as opposed to disclosing categories of personal data), you must also provide a legible image of a government-issued ID. You may hide the identification number and photo from that ID, but you must not hide the name or address shown on it. We will use the information you supply to identify relevant information in our systems. If you want us to disclose the information to an agent, you must say so in writing and provide us with the mailing address of the agent.

What rights do you have under the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation or similar laws?

We only work in the United States and collect information from public-record sources in the United States. Therefore, only US data-protection laws apply.